Board of Directors


James Baker - founder & president

James is the heart and soul behind Bikers For Autism Society. His passion for helping families who have been affected by Autism began in 2012 when a family member was diagnosed with a high-functioning form of the developmental disorder. What started as an opportunity to check ‘Cross-Canada Motorcycle Tour’ off the bucket list in 2012, turned into a ride driven towards raising awareness for Autism. From there, a greater cause quickly took shape and escalated into a community of Motorcycle enthusiasts and people from around the world learning to live with Autism.

James grew up in the sleepy, Pacific town of Ladysmith, British Columbia. Growing up observing his father’s love for riding motorcycles, eventually sparked his evolving two-wheel passion for the road.

Combining a compassionate and driven attitude, James found himself at the forefront of the “Look Bad, Do Good” movement that embodies a passion for riding and motorcycle culture while giving back to the community and the people who support the cause.

James pushes the boundaries by honing his atypical approach to the image of this cause- Look Bad, Do Good. He’s combined forces with Harley Davidson, Lords Of Gastown Apparel and Sailor Jerry’s to host a plethora of rides, events and fundraisers all directed towards making a difference and raising awareness for the Autism community. From hosting all-day festivals and world autism awareness day fundraisers to running Tough Mudder to three long rides both east and south, there’s no sign of him slowing down on his road paved towards a positive change.


Jonathan Mattice - Vice president

A dependable detail-oriented professional, experienced in recruitment, relationship management, client development, executive coaching, design, marketing, consulting, and project management, Jonathan has a proven track record of increasing productivity and company profitability. 

Throughout his career in management, consulting, and recruiting, Jonathan has maintained a keen focus on the international marketplace, including its changes, challenges, and evolution. As a result, he firmly believes in taking a progressive approach in terms of building and sustaining businesses, creating productive interaction in the workplace, and supporting positive relationships in the business environment.




Kaleah Ward - Secretary

Bio Coming Soon.




Graeme Scott - treasurer

Graeme grew up in Vancouver and began working with Bikers For Autism in 2013. After graduating from Bishop's University, he worked at a variety of start-up e-commerce and media companies before spending the last decade in healthcare financing.

Since joining BFA, Graeme has been an advisor to the Board of Directors, helping turn ideas into realities. As Treasurer, he will ensure accountability with finances and government regulations.

Graeme is also proud to volunteer as a coach in Dunbar Little League.


Alexandra Thompson - General Director

Alexandra Thompson is the founder of Wardrobe Apparel and a partner in Wodka Vines Agency. With a career start in financial services and strategy, Alexandra brings a strong foundation to the Bikers for Autism Board. Alexandra has received degrees from Dalhousie University and The Robert H. Lee Graduate School at UBC Sauder School of Business. She has spent over a decade volunteering with the BC Cancer Societies Camp Goodtimes and currently serves on the gala committee for Ronald McDonald House BC. A strong passion for developing communities that support youth and their families has brought Alexandra to Bikers for Autism.  Alexandra Thompson joined the Board of Directors in 2019.