Victoria Holly

Huge thank you to Anna and John for sending in their story about beautiful miss Victoria!



"Victoria Holly, our best friend & our precious little girl also known as "Little Sugar" & "Snoopy".. Victoria has severe Autism, she's nonverbal (Apraxia) as well as Pica disorder.. 
She is 10 years old in Spec-ED 5th grade, she loves school & her class-mates, she's the only nonverbal child in her school, we don't consider Victoria's "lack of words" a flaw, she communicates by signing, as well as facial expressions, gestures and a commutative talking iPad. In our eyes she's unique, beautiful, innocent an our angel on earth. She completes our family in ways we never thought possible. She loves to run & in our opinion she could be a track star athlete (Special Olympics) she's quick like lightning with a ton of energy. A funny little girl with spunk, attitude & style... Loves to cause mayhem & be included in everything. Our princess isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty & jump in the mud.. Her favorite pastimes are baseball, playing the drums, swimming (beach & pool), playing with tools, reading books, playing with clay, watching movies, rock & roll, being cozy with Mama & last but definitely not least she's a wizard on all her devices, iPad, computer anything electronic...A bright child indeed, never to be underestimated as less but different.. Full of life, love and joy. Victoria has taught us many things, compassion, patience & unconditional love.. 
As society sometimes focuses on Autism profiling, the famous "LOOKS & the IF THAT WAS MY KID, SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SHE HAS AUTISM" (curious, what does Autism look like anyway.?) It's comical to us when we hear such ignorance, we don't judge or stereotype & we completely understand some individuals will never comprehend the struggle nor do we expect them to, all we ask for is respect, compassion, understanding, acceptance & please no pity parade.. As parents of an autistic child we are blessed, we get to experience her world & we wouldn't want it any other way.. 
It was a pleasure for us to share a glimpse of our Autism life with you. 
Thank you, peace & love... 
Best regards, 
Victoria, Anna & John ✌❤
(We choose this photo because it represents Bikers for Autism.. Look bad do good..! Keep up the great work & thank you genuinely for this forum..) Happy Holidays..!"

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  • Deniece

    SWEET-PEA!!! Anna and John are good friends of mine and what they said about Miss Victoria is spot on! While I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting her in person, I’ve watched this beauty grow and thrive over the years via our virtual world of the internet. I still cannot explain it but this beautiful child from God just radiates happiness and pure love! It is a joy to watch her videos and just seeing her enjoying life makes ME happy.


    Beautifully written!!! ❤️

  • Debbie

    Raising a child with special needs is a blessing. It is also really trying at times. I love to see the smiles in your photos. She is a lucky girl to have you and you are lucky parents to have her.

  • Raya

    Beautiful girl! and beautifully written piece! You guys are amazing parents!! Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing beautiful Victoria’s story!!!

  • Jit Rexha

    A beautiful story about a beautiful girl with a beautiful family!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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