Tamara Foret



This weeks Faces For Autism was submitted by Tamara Foret. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs with us!

"This is the face of Autism. 
This is Jaleal, he is now 13 years old. He has had a long hard road of struggling with Autism. We got to see the side that many do not talk about, the not so pretty side. 
We struggled with my son's aggression since he was 4 years old. Also, being non verbal till about six made it even harder for him to communicate his needs, so in turn his frustration was taken out myself and his brother. Unfortunately, the school system wasn't a huge help and he got put in school after school until they finally said they couldn't handle him. 
With all the struggles, we held strong and I never backed down. I fought for everything for him and it paid off! My son is now in a therapeutic school, has gotten student of the week six times, has friends and his meltdowns are minimal. 
Never give up! My son is a happy, healthy teenager now with many more wonderful years to come."

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