Dale Styner

In an effort to create a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have created this "Faces For Autism" blog. Here, you can share an in depth, no holds barred look into the day to day triumphs, struggles and real world stories not only from individuals with Autism but also you; the people in their lives that support them.

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Our first story was submitted by our good friend Dale Styner:


One of my best friends upon hearing that my son has Autism said:

“I’m sorry to hear that”.
Why? Was my response. I’m not.

The greatest struggle that we have with Autism is understanding it. To be fair, nobody really does, even the doctors that diagnose it. It’s a great medical mystery. Some part of that has become incredibly interesting to me. When someone asks me what Autism is, or looks like, I have to explain that it just isn’t that simple. What we understand Autism as looks like one thing in my son, and something different in EVERY other individual on the spectrum. Just as you and I are different, so is every person on the spectrum of Autism.

The important thing is that these humans are not defined by Autism. Rather “refined,” in the right eyes at least.

Huxley is non verbal. No words at all. He is 7 years old, in grade one at the same school as his sister. His physical development is far beyond his peers. His intellectual development is somewhat lacking, mostly due to a level of understanding that is hard to reach. His potential is unlimited. Contacting his mind is incredibly difficult. Sound confusing? Imagine being him. My son is a very happy kid. He’s more loving than most people I’ve ever met. His heart is so big I’m sure it could burst. He is, and will be a very unique person, in this respect as well as many others.

Life is a challenge. We run across barriers every day. I know many people that have struggled to overcome these things. Inspiration comes from many places. My son is mine."



  • Matt

    You write the truth and life isn’t worth living without challenges Dale, the rad thing about people like you and your family is how well you all deal with it and love each other. P.S. your kids look better on the bike than you, Jokes.

  • Nadia

    Loved this 1st article. Autism is indeed a mystery to discover but it also brings inspiration and love and so much more… thanks for sharing.

  • Anna

    this touched the ❤️ Thank you for sharing

  • Chiara

    Beautiful! Keep ’em coming…

  • Kimmie Law

    Love this… Great 1st story. Looking forward to seeing more an sharing our autism adventure.

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