Emma Braun

This story rings close to home for Mercede as it was sent in by her close friend Emma Braun. Prepare for a powerful story!

"I was 7 years old when my little brother Seth was diagnosed with Autism. We learned sign language, everything in our home was covered in pic symbols, there was a schedule for everything and we just lived life a little differently than others.
The way Seth's beautiful mind operates has never been something I saw as a hindrance, but rather something I found unique and fascinating from a very young age. Seth is one of the greatest blessings in my life and he is the reason I was able to find the career I am passionate about. As his big sister I find it daunting that without him even knowing it he has probably given me more knowledge on life and on myself then I will ever be able to return to him.
One of the hardest moments I've ever had was when I was teasing Seth to give me his pocket money and he jokingly replied "You cant take my pocket money Lulu, I'm your little brother and I'm autistic!" I selfishly hoped that Seth would always remain in a safe little bubble where he would be somewhat oblivious to this, not because I see autism as a negative thing, but because I thought he would never see it as anything but that. I never want Seth to feel like he is less then others just because he is different and I fear that no matter how much love we give him or how much I think he is incredible just the way he is that he will still wish he was "normal."
It can be hard and helpless; there are days where he is so trapped inside of himself and you can see him unravel and you can see how hard he just wants to stop it and all you want to do is break into his brain and figure out how to "make the bad thoughts go away" for him but you just don't know how. It's tough to see someone you love so much wish to be "normal" when they are one of the most important and incredible people in your life.
Having someone close to you in your life who has Autism will give you so many things and for me Seth has made me look at life from a more beautiful point of view. You can have weeks and months of progress and sometimes a year of struggle but that's just how it goes and I wouldn't wish it any other way.
Seth is an artist, a little prankster, a comedian, and an animal lover. He went from not understanding what crying was to having so many feelings and emotions he doesn't know what to do with them. I work with adults and children with special needs and my job is one of the happiest parts of my life. I feel very lucky to feel that way towards my job and I don't know that I would've found that without Seth.
Its not always easy; It can be stressful, frustrating and a million other things, but those feelings are temporary and what is left over is the positive impact that you have left on them and probably a much bigger impact that they have left on you."

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