Charlie Persinger a.k.a "Luckiest Kid In Nebraska"




In an effort to create a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have created this "Faces For Autism" blog. Here, you can share an in depth, no holds barred look into the day to day triumphs, struggles and real world stories not only from individuals with Autism but also you; the people in their lives that support them.

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This week's inspiring Autism Story comes from our good pal Charles Persinger and his son Charlie AKA "The luckiest kid in Nebraska".



"This is Charlie. When Charlie was a baby, We noticed he was behind on some things. Trying to stand, speak and what not. We never gave it a thought. We also noticed he would grabbed you, and his eyes would open real wide as if he had been startled. Come to find out, Charlie was having seizures. We took him to a local Dr. who put him on Phenobarbital. He was still having the seizures , and the sadly, the dosage would keep getting increased. It made our son appear as if he was comatose from being so high. We woke up one morning to find Charlie in his crib, drool running out of his mouth. Body was Limp. Never had I been flushed with such emotion. Charlie was air lifted to the Children’s hospital in Omaha. They were able to diagnose immediately what was going on.

Charlie was then diagnosed with Tuberous-Sclerosis, and is on the Autism spectrum. We were given a place to buy sabril to stop the seizures. (thank you Canada). It saved his life. No seizures since. Charlie has grown up to the fine young man with a heart of Gold. He plays basketball for the special Olympics, loves amusement parks, and music. I’ve never written down anything like this about my son, I don’t know really what to say Except how scary it was in the beginning and how proud of him we are. A true Godsend."

Picture Charlie With the Nebraska Cornhusker Cheerleaders.

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